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Len Gabbay is a Texas trial lawyer and one of KTI’s original faculty. Len received the first Instructor of the Year Award given by KTI in 2017.

Len practices what he preaches at KTI pulling down several 7 figure case settlements since meeting Don Keenan in 2008 and has several outstanding verdicts each of which show the power of the system failure.

Len decided to reduce his caseload to mostly tractor trailer cases, in order to apply the KTI system to each and every case he accepts. At KTI Len currently teaches the KTI Advanced Mediation, Advanced Voir Dire, Cross Examination, and Closing Arguments. “The Pastor” as he is known, is currently the Dean of the Advanced Mediation Course and taught several undergraduate courses in the past. Len has also successfully worked premises and tractor trailer/commercial vehicle cases with Mr. Keenan at the Beach over the years.