september 4-5, 2020

The Experts Seminar 2020 1


Presented by Don Keenan, Luke Baker, Mindy Bish, Alex Hoffspiegel, Lloyd Hoffspiegel, David Stradley, Ann Groninger, and Meredith Hinton.

PRICE: $800


September 4-5, 2020
Seaside, Florida


Friday, September 4th

Registration: 8:30am

Start: 9:00am

End: 5:30pm

Reception: 6:30pm

Saturday, September 5th

Start: 9:00am

End: 5:30pm


Accreditation is in the application process. The program is planned for 960 minutes (60 minute states = 16 credits; 50 minute states = 19.2 credits). Actual credits vary by jurisdiction in accordance with their respective rules and procedures.

Keenan Trial Institute applies for accreditation from the jurisdictions in which the venue is licensed. We have simplified the process for you to gain your CLE credits with each state.


Refund Policy: Cancellation for seminars and webinars 7 days or more prior to the event will receive a partial refund. Cancellations 30 days prior to the event will given a 90% refund, cancellations 7-30 days prior will be given a 50% refund. No refunds will be given for cancellations in the week prior to the event.

Please note that photography, audio recording, and/or video recording is strictly prohibited at all Keenan Trial Institute events. This restriction allows us to provide a better learning experience for our attendees and better intellectual property protection for our speakers. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Restricted Attendance: Attorneys who work on behalf of insurance companies in any way are not allowed to attend, and all attendees will be required to sign an affidavit to that effect before being allowed entrance.

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The Experts Seminar 2020 4
The Experts Seminar 2020 5
Make no mistake about it, the Experts Seminar scheduled for April 3-4 in Seaside, FL is sure to be a pivotal, game-changing event that will give you a systemized approach to expert witnesses that you and your clients deserve to develop a winning strategy.  
Here’s a preview of what you’ll be missing if you don’t attend:
We will be going over the role of expert witnesses in depth, covering topics ranging from use of focus groups to select the best expert for the case, all the way down to use of experts in a “causation first” case.  Other topics will include the Keenan Edge Three-Legged Stool for Experts (including a discussion of “the speech”); How Experts fit into the case selection criteria stool; Dale Carnegie, Expert witnesses and the Treating physician; Expert Deposition Hit Lists and the 48 hour rule; Practical ways to control Expert Witness fees; Analogous system failures and experts; The power of OSI’s to weaponize your expert witness; Experts and the Internet from Bubba’s Perspective; Bubba’s major complaints about expert witnesses and the lawyers that call them to testify; and the Keenan Edge System for locating, identifying, qualifying and selecting expert witnesses.  And that’s not even all the topics that we’ll cover!
Seats are filling up fast.  So sign up now because this seminar is the first of its kind in KTI history and is likely to be a sell-out event.

Luke Baker

Assistant Dean
Keenan Trial Institute

Preliminary list of topics (not necessarily in order of presentation):

1.  Experts and the Case Selection Stool – Introduction to the Expert Stool
2.  Experts and the Internet:  Bubba’s Perspective
3.  Dale Carnegie:  Lessons on dealing with Experts and Treating MDs
4.  Expert Depositions, hit lists, and the 48 hour Rule
5.  The “I.M.E.” – Cross Examination major truths
6.  Use of Experts in a “Causation First” case
7.  The Keenan Edge System for finding and Identifying Expert Witnesses
8.  Controlling Expert Witness Fees/Expenses
9.  Expert trading, Baseball Cards, and The “Virgin Expert”
10.  Experts:  Who is educating Who?  (Use of Focus Groups to qualify, eliminate, and Educate experts)
11.  Analogous system failures and experts
12.  Bubba’s major complaints about expert witnesses and the lawyers


Paralegals can attend, if accompanied by their lawyer. The registration price for paralegals is the same: $800.



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The Experts Seminar 2020 7


Atlanta, GA


Concord, NC

The Experts Seminar 2020 8


Newhall, CA


The Experts Seminar 2020 9


We recommend you check out the below options to ensure a place near the seminar. There are many beautiful homes available for day-weekly rentals in Seaside, FL. We encourage you to stay in the area as it is an experience all in itself.

VRBO (for rent by owner) and AIRBNB are
great options in the area.

When booking make sure to book in SEASIDE, FL.
Many attendees make arrangements with a group of students to reserve accommodations and rental cars. Please use your student portal to post such a discussion on The Experts seminar discussion board.

Homeowners Collection Rentals
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There are multiple things to do during your time in Seaside and we encourage you to take the time. Many attendees have scheduled fishing and adventure trips on the Sunday following the seminar.