Mindy Bish

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Mindy BishMindy Bish made the best decision of her life when she decided to attend law school in her thirties. She has been practicing law since being licensed in 1993, and specifically been fighting for injured people since 1995. Mindy has 20 cases taken to a jury verdict with several 7 figure verdicts.

Mindy has devoted her life to the practice of law, staying up to date on the new ways of practicing and how she can assist clients. She has graduated from the Keenan Trial Institute, is the Associate-dean for the institute and is qualified to teach all of the available courses ranging from undergraduate to Graduate courses. Mindy also monitors a California Listserve for trial attorneys, as well as a national one.

In early 2018 Mindy was accepted as the 5th Keenan Law Firm Fellow with Mr. Keenan in order to better herself as an attorney.