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Executive Committee 1

David Hoey


For over 24 years, Attorney Hoey has handled matters involving complex civil litigation and catastrophic injuries across many jurisdictions. His practice has focused particularly on injury claims against nursing homes and assisted living facilities, personal catastrophic injury, wrongful death, elder neglect and abuse, medical malpractice, and other corporate negligence.

Attorney Hoey is the author of several articles, has presented at several American Association for Justice conventions, and is the co-author of Litigating Nursing Home Abuse Cases, a resource manual for other lawyers that provides a road map for successful litigation of nursing home abuse or neglect cases.

He is also the Dean of the Keenan Trial Institute whose mission is to give trial lawyers the system necessary to win and protect the community’s safety as well as deter wrongdoers by holding them accountable.

Executive Committee 2

Tony Seaton

Associate Dean/Administrator

Tony Seaton is a sixth generation, upper East Tennessean who has practiced in Johnson City for over 40 years.

Tony and the lawyers in his firm have spent hundreds of hours per year developing state of the art trial skills through the Keenan Trial Institute.

In the past 5 years, he obtained a $4.7 million-dollar verdict in a nursing home abuse case and a $2.6 million-dollar verdict for a slip and fall injury on ice in an apartment complex. This verdict included $1.4 million dollars in punitive damages. In 2020 Tony obtained a $23.5 million verdict in a trucking case that included $22.5 million in punitive damages.

Currently, Tony serves as the Administrator of Keenan Trial Institute. He continues to teach Advanced Cross-Exam and Closing Argument courses.

Executive Committee 3

Amy Gibson

Products Coordinator

Amy Gibson is a trial lawyer in Dallas, Texas. She learned early from her family’s examples that not participating in a wrong is not enough — you must speak up and do something about it.

She represents individuals from all walks of life in employment cases and disability and health insurance benefit cases. She is dedicated to helping clients have their voices heard against the powerful and to change their communities for the better.

The Edge seminars and KTI colleges have dramatically improved her ability to do so.  Amy is one of the Moderators for the Employment Seminar as well as a KTI Faculty member for Witness Prep, Trial, Mediation, and Employment Elective. Her first two jury trials after reaching master level at KTI colleges each resulted in a judgment of over $2 million.

Executive Committee 4

Mark Milhollin

Education Evaluator

Mark Milhollin is a trial lawyer in Bainbridge, Georgia, where he and his wife Margueritte serve as Boy Scout Troop and Cub Scout Pack leaders.

For over 28 years, Mark has represented plaintiffs in almost all types of injury cases.  He derives great satisfaction from civilly prosecuting unsafe people and corporations using The Edge system.

Mark Milhollin is a KTI graduate and completed the Masters from the Keenan Trial Institute, and has taught Rules and Case Selection for many years. He derives great satisfaction from civilly prosecuting unsafe people and corporations using The Edge system, and enjoys the collaboration and cooperation of the students and faculty that compose KTI.  He is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates.

Executive Committee 5

Amat Victoria Curam

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