Keenan Trial Institute Seminars

Watching the Welcome to the Keenan Edge Online Seminar is a Pre-Requisite for all below Seminars.

Welcome to the Keenan Edge Seminar

Tractor Trailer Seminar (Live in Atlanta)

September 23-24, 2022

The first live seminar for The Edge in 3 years – A return to live events!

The event will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn on September 23 – 24 with a Sunday case review workshop on September 25.

All are welcome to attend the Sunday workshop even if you do not submit a case.

Coordinated by Mindy Bish


Paralegal Seminar (Virtual)

October 6 – October 7, 2022

On Thursday and Friday, October 6 and 7, 2022, KTI is planning our next Paralegal Seminar.

Paralegals and office support staff are essential to the Edge Systems.

Sign up and get the 8 hour Welcome to the Keenan Edge! Seminar for free (normally $450.00). An on-line link will be provided for you to watch and take test afterwards.  You will receive an introduction to The Keenan Edge methods and this will prepare you for all you will learn during your journey at Keenan Trial Institute. The Topics Include: Foreseeability; System Failure; Rules & Case Selection; Opening Statements; Focus Groups; Voir Dire; Depositions; Witness Prep; Mediation & Settlements; Trial; and Damages.

**Attendees must watch the Welcome to the Edge seminar online and take the test, if you have not done so before. This will provide you with the foundation necessary to understand the Edge system.**

Current Speaker List:

  1. Dean David Hoey
  2. Melinda Young
  3. William Entrekin
  4. Doug Dykes
  5. Mallory Garrison
  6. Mark Milhollin
  7. Amanda Itterly
  8. Monte Tynes
  9. Jim Lyons
  10. Heather Foust

Edge Presentation Topics

  • Use of POV and role play in Correspondence and Pleadings: Know Your Audience and Protect Your Lawyers
  • Case Selection Criteria, Intake and Case Screening: Finding why Bubba should care (what is an event case vs. a system failure)
  • Preparing abstracts and/or timelines
  • Best practices for setting up and helping the attorneys with focus groups
  • Before and After Witnesses
  • Deposition Hitlist / Case winning Hits Process / Role Play
  • How to be a watcher in Depositions, Voir Dire, and Trial
  • Drafting Rules
  • Statistics
  • OSI’s – Dirt on Defendant
  • Verdict and Settlement Research
  • Experts
  • Demonstrative Evidence (Concentric circles, MOI/MOE, etc.)
Price: $600