Keenan Trial Institute Seminars

Watching the Welcome to the Keenan Edge Online Seminar is a Pre-Requisite for all below Seminars.

Welcome to the Keenan Edge Seminar

Employment Seminar

June 24-25, 2022

Edge Basics: System Failures, Root Cause Analysis

  • David Wiley, Dallas, Texas
  • Mickey Washington, Houston, Texas

Basics are critical. Even for highly experienced attorneys, it’s easy to slide into an event case. Learn how to keep your focus.

KTI Methods and Lessons, $70 million verdict

  • Brian Sanford, Dallas, Texas
  • BB Sanford, Dallas, Texas

Learn how KTI methods were used from case intake through trial in a federal-court race discrimination case that resulted in a $70 million verdict in a conservative venue.

Keenan Case Presentation System

  • Matt Powell, Tampa, Florida

Wish you had better software to create powerful visuals for your case? Wish you had more options for the types of visuals? The Keenan Case Presentation System is that software.  Learn how to start using it now.

Hit Lists

  • Mindy Bish, Newhall, California & Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Hit lists are key to our case development and trials. What is a hit list and how can this work in employment cases? Listen up to learn more.

Opening Statements

  • Bijan Darvish, Huntington Beach, California
  • BB Sanford, Dallas, Texas
  • Jim Sanford, Dallas, Texas

How does your jury feel hearing a KTI opening for the first time? Listen to sample openings and decide for yourself.

Black Letter Law 2.0

  • David Nauheim, Avondale, South Carolina

Learn about black letter law on negligence concepts in statutory employment cases. This presentation is updated since its debut in 2021.

Mediation & Settlement

  • Ada Wong, Seattle, Washington
  • Jason Ehrlich, California
  • David Wang, California

Mediation conditions and the games the other side plays. Learn some new ways to handle some old, exasperating tactics of opposing counsel.

Direct Exam of Your Client

  • Jenna Labourr, Seattle, Washington
  • Brian Sanford, Dallas, Texas

Direct examination of your client can be more difficult than cross-examination of defense witnesses. And yet sooo many CLEs are devoted to cross. Learn how to improve on direct examination of your client and why this matters.

Witness Preparation

  • Elizabeth Larrick, Austin, Texas
  • Brian Sanford, Dallas, Texas
  • Stephanie Mensing, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Your case workup and trial skills don’t matter if your client is afraid and so accepts a low-ball settlement offer. Not much feels better than KTI witness prep when it comes to helping your client have a good experience with the justice system and get further down the path to healing.

30(b)(6) Roadmap to Success

  • Patricia Barasch, Moorestown, New Jersey

This is the most important defense deposition you will take in any case. Yes, even when individual witnesses seem more important. Learn more about how to make this critical deposition work for you.

Grab Bag — What You Requested

  • Jason Erlich, San Francisco, California
  • Brian Sanford, Dallas, Texas
  • David Wiley, Dallas, Texas

You asked and we answered.  This topic addresses issues that you asked about.

Sunday Workshop

You may submit a short summary (1-2 paragraphs) of your case to

At least two KTI instructors … and the amazing attorneys who attend the workshop with you … will help you on specific issues with your case. The Sunday workshop is an all-time favorite. Workshops usually last about 3-4 hours but can go longer. You can attend the workshop, so long as you are a seminar attendee, whether you submit a case or not.