Keenan Trial Institute Seminars

Watching the Welcome to the Keenan Edge Online Seminar is a Pre-Requisite for all below Seminars.

Welcome to the Keenan Edge Seminar

Tractor Trailer Seminar (Live in Atlanta, GA)

April 14-16, 2023

The event will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn, Atlanta Downtown.  Click here for the KTI Hotel Room Block

Coordinated by Mindy Bish and Danny Ellis

Speakers & Topics

  • Mindy Bish who will talk about how to prepare a case expecting the Tractor Trailer company to admit liability to keep bad facts out in order to keep those facts in using hit lists and visuals.  This is new information developed at the beach in 2021 and 2022 being offered in a seminar for the first time.
  • David Hoey: will talk about the importance of the Opening in winning your Tractor Trailer case and using visuals for essentially a “silent” opening.   
  • Elizabeth Larrick: will talk about taking your witness prep to the next level using visuals.
  • Danny Ellis: will talk about his most recent Tractor Trailer verdict with Andrew Gould and how application of Edge theories and FG played a role.
  • David Crump: will talk about his recent 7 figure settlement with State of Washington and how he used hit lists to keep his bad facts in.
  • Maren Hanson: will talk about her Tractor Trailer verdict
  • Ryan Skiver: who will talk about his Tractor Trailer Verdict
  • Devin Cutting: who will talk about what he learned from Mr. Keenan about preparing a mediation presentation and watching it work in a mediation.
  • Stacey Cutting: will talk about preparing a hit list for defense experts.

And much much more.

This is not the same information your have heard before.  See where we are going not where we have been.


Employment Seminar (VIRTUAL) 

June 22-24, 2023

Coordinated by Ada K. Wong, David Wang, Jason Erlich, and Bijan Darvish

Topics Include:

  • KTI Refresher
  • Trial Methods and Lessons, $366 Million Verdict
  • Focus Groups
  • Mediation and Settlement
  • Hit List
  • Written Discovery and Depositions
  • Witness Prep and Exam
  • Preparing for and Being in Trial
  • Voir Dire

Current List of Speakers:

  • Brian Sanford
  • BB Sanford
  • Amy Gibson
  • David Wiley
  • Mindy Bish
  • Ada K. Wong
  • David Wang
  • Jason Erlich
  • Bijan Darvish
  • Patricia Barasch
  • Jenna Labourr