Tony Seaton 1

Tony Seaton

Associate Dean/Administrator

Tony Seaton 2

Tony Seaton

Associate Dean/Administrator

Tony Seaton 3

Tony Seaton

Associate Dean/Administrator

Tony Seaton is a sixth generation, upper East Tennessean who has practiced in Johnson City for over 40 years.  Tony and the lawyers in his firm have spent hundreds of hours per year developing state of the art trial skills through the Keenan Trial Institute.

In the past 5 years, he obtained a $4.7 million-dollar verdict in a nursing home abuse case and a $2.6 million-dollar verdict for a slip and fall injury on ice in an apartment complex.  This verdict included $1.4 million dollars in punitive damages.  In 2020 Tony obtained a $23.5 million verdict in a trucking case that included $22.5 million in punitive damages. 

Currently, Tony serves as the Associate Dean Administrator of Keenan Trial Institute. He continues to teach Advanced Cross-Exam and Closing Argument courses. 


$23.5 Million Verdict

$23.5 Million verdict awarded to 70 year old woman who was hit by an out of control box truck hauling dangerous drugs. 

$4.5 Million Settlement

$4.5 Million Settlement for a young woman who was hit by a semi-truck and suffered a head injury but was able to return to work.

$2.95 Million Settlement

$2.95 Million Settlement for a 71-year-old woman who was hit head on in Elizabethton, breaking both legs.

Tony Seaton 4
From the Left: Tony Seaton, Gregg Luther, and Don C. Keenan

Don Keenan is a true advocate for injured people, especially children. He is a master of trial skills, and invests immense amounts of his time and resources to teaching trial skills to other lawyers. He is innovative in his teaching methods, and creative in trial presentations. He is a fearless advocate for his clients, and well-respected.”

“Don Keenan is considered the nation’s leading child advocacy lawyer, as well as one of the best medical malpractice lawyers in the country. In addition to being a voice for seriously injured kids, Keenan has started a children’s foundation that supports poor and abused children. If you have a serious case, Don Keenan is the lawyer you want.

“I attended a speaking engagement hosted by Mr. Keenan. I have also read one of his books. All I can say is WOW. What an innovative, driven, world class attorney. Don’s track record speaks for itself. He is a great advocate who is not afraid to try a case, which is rare these days.”