Alexa Parr

Alexa Parr 1Alexa Parr is a trial attorney who practices personal injury. Alexa takes great pride in helping her clients get the justice they deserve.

Alexa’s first real taste of Keenan Trial Institute was at a Masters in Damages Seminar.  Alexa attended with her colleague Sarah, and they left completely enchanted by what they saw and heard.  The timing of this seminar was interesting, because it was about two weeks before Alexa and Sarah would try their first case.  They came home from the seminar, lit a match to everything they had prepared before “joining the Revolution,” and started from scratch, working in everything they had just learned.  They ended up winning that trial, making them the first and only plaintiff’s verdict that year, for a slip and fall case tried in that venue.  Alexa completely credits the Keenan Trial Institute for that successful result.

Alexa is one of the faculty members teaching the Elective Women’s Summit.