Ann Groninger

Ann Groninger 1Ann combines her passions for advocating for individuals and for bicycling culture. She represents injured individuals with a special interest in representing victims of bicycle crashes. Ann began her career in 1995 gaining daily courtroom experience as a criminal defense attorney for the Cumberland County Public Defender’s Office and then in private practice in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Her criminal defense career culminated in several death penalty trials, including the first case to go to a North Carolina jury, in 2003, on the issue of a defendant’s ineligibility for the death penalty due to intellectual disability. In the meantime, Ann’s utmost goal is to help her clients through difficult times. She recognizes that most people want to get back to their lives and not spend years in litigation. She and her staff work diligently and effectively to make that happen. However, when litigation is necessary, they are ready to fight hard for their clients’ best interests and success.