Brent Crumpton

BRENT CRUMPTON 1Brent Crumpton started his career as a defense lawyer but switched sides in 2000 and began working exclusively for consumers and injured folks.

Brent has represented plaintiffs throughout the United States in a wide variety of cases.

In December 2010, Brent attended Welcome to the Revolution.  Using the tools from the seminar, Brent restructured and retooled his entire practice, and in the process rediscovered his purpose.  In 2014, Brent started attending the Keenan Trail Colleges (KTI) which he credits for his ability to secure back-to-back settlements of $7,600,000 and $9,200,000.  Brent eagerly use the Edge he had gained (and continues to gain) from KTI in every case and recently received a $720,000 verdict on behalf of an injured worker who had no claims for lost wages or medical expenses.