Course #4: Voir Dire

In the small-group setting of Course #4, you’ll develop the necessary skills to make your voir dire successful in each of its purposes. You’ll get individual hands-on coaching in how to develop – and ask – strong voir dire questions that unearth the critical details of each potential juror. You’ll master the best ways to conduct voir dire under the individual guidance of our Keenan Trial Institute professors as you practice while role playing with our paid jury participants.

SCHOLARSHIPS: We offer two scholarships for each course, secure in knowing that early scholarship recipients will one day find themselves in the financial position to sponsor future Keenan Trial Institute named scholarships. To apply to receive a scholarship, please click here.


  • We highly recommend you view the Reptile Online Seminar: Reptile in Voir Dire.
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  • We also recommend you watch the DVD set: Reptile Voir Dire – Keenan/Ball Method to General & Case Specific Voir Dire. To receive a discount on this DVD set, please use the coupon code: VDDVDGO .
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Tuition: $1,400

*A $50 late fee is added to all applications received within 2 weeks of the 1st day of the seminar.

Your application is not complete until payment is received.

Event Start Date:

10/29/2018 @ 8:30 AM

Event End Date:

10/30/2018 @ 5:30 PM

Keenan Law Firm Building

148 Nassau St NW
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 223-5437