Blake Johnson

Blake Johnson 1

Blake W. Johnson is a trial lawyer and owner of Johnson Livingston Personal Injury, LLC. He was considering leaving the practice of law when he found his calling as a trial lawyer representing injured people.

As a former Private Investigator, Blake takes a logical and common sense approach to the cases he works up. His experience as a PI has taught him how to discover the information needed to fully explore a case. His ability to get to the truth and find the facts are critical when advocating for his clients.

In addition to his investigative skills, Blake also became fluent in Spanish after serving an LDS mission in Argentina. Speaking Spanish has not only allowed Blake to advocate for a larger population, but also gives him an advantage when interviewing potential witnesses in the cases he works up.

He’s a graduate of the Keenan Trial Institute and enjoys teaching other lawyers the skills and strategies that work for him. 

In Blake’s young career he has received verdicts of $300,000 in a MIST case with a final pre-trial offer of $25,000, $450,000 in a disputed liability/causation child playground case, and $196,000 in an auto-pedestrian case with a pre-trial offer of $50,000. Blake enjoys the challenges that come with representing plaintiffs and loves making a difference in his clients’ lives.