Blake Johnson

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Blake is a trial lawyer from Orem, Utah. After considering leaving the practice of law, Blake found his calling as a trial lawyer and representing injured people. His favorite part of being a trial lawyer is taking on the machine that is the defense industry and coming out on top. Blake used to be a private investigator and brings that experience to uncover the defendant’s secrets.

Blake is a graduate of the Keenan Trial Institute and loves teaching other lawyers the skills and strategies that have proven to be successful in his own career. In Blake’s young career he has received verdicts of $300,000 in a MIST case with a final pre-trial offer of $25,000, $450,000 in a disputed liability/causation child playground case, and $196,000 in an auto-pedestrian case with a pre-trial offer of $50,000. Blake enjoys the challenges that come with representing plaintiffs and loves making a difference in his clients’ lives.