Elizabeth Larrick

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Elizabeth Larrick

Elizabeth Larrick is a trial lawyer in Austin, Texas. Elizabeth has trial experience in several states – Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, Washington and Nevada – in cases ranging from commercial vehicle, wrongful death, premises liability, medical malpractice and car wrecks.  Her first three years of practice in Oklahoma, she successfully tried several car wreck cases in Oklahoma County, Tulsa County and Canadian County.  In returning to Texas in 2013, Elizabeth has tried cases in Travis County and Harris County (medical malpractice), and Tarrant County.

Since September 2012, Elizabeth has been a part of the Welcome to The Plaintiff’s Revolution family. She attended an early seminar on Depositions and found a new passion of witness preparation.  Elizabeth is a frequent contributor to the Keenan Trial Blog on the topics of witness preparation and focus groups. Elizabeth is faculty with Keenan Trial Institute for classes of Witness Preparation and Focus Groups. She is the Co-Dean for the Witness Preparation course. She is faculty of the Advanced Witness Preparation course.

Elizabeth was the first Fellow in the Keenan Law Firm Fellowship Program, which started in 2016. A fellow is a licensed attorney who takes time from their practice to join Keenan Law Firm as a lawyer. Elizabeth worked directly on cases and trials with the Keenan Law Firm and referring attorneys. She assisted in case-work up, case workshops at the beach, and gained vast experience in a one year period. After the fellowship ended in March 2017, Elizabeth returned to her practice in Austin.

Elizabeth has taken her passion in witness preparation to a level of mastery.  She is frequently asked to assist other lawyers in preparation of their clients for deposition and trial.  Elizabeth has prepared clients in a myriad of cases with a range of physical impairment.  The preparation gives the client confidence in the deposition, but gives the full client story of physical impairment, mental struggles, real examples of pain and havoc.