Michael Reiter

Michael Reiter 1Michael Reiter

Mike Reiter is a trial lawyer from the Washington, DC area.

He brings a tenacity to everything he does and is passionate about fighting for the underdog.  He feels it is his responsibility to work relentlessly for his clients to hold Defendants accountable, deter bad conduct and make the community safer.  Mike has represented Plaintiffs for the last seven years in car wreck, trucking and a wide range of premises liability cases.

Over the last few years, Mike has used what he has learned to obtain  six verdicts over six figures and a number of other six figure settlements, as well as two settlements over seven figures.  He understands deterrence arguments that are allowed under the law and has published an article on the topic.  Mike has also been named every year since 2014 to the Super Lawyers Rising Start list.

He teaches the Rules and Trial Courses and is one of the moderators of the Beltway Listserve and spoken throughout the country at Blackletter law seminars as well as various other seminars.  The simple truth is Mike refuses to roll over for insurance companies and prides himself on rejecting lowball offers and consistently taking cases to verdict