Robert Clements

Robert ClementsRob Clements is a trial lawyer from Dallas, Texas.

Rob became a trail attorney as a second career. He has embraced and is passionate about the practice of law. He has worked hard over the past 25 years to be the best advocate he can be for his clients.

Rob believes his clients come first and foremost. He sees his mission as helping others who are going through a difficult time and nowhere to turn. He wants to always be prepared and passionate about his client’s cause.

Rob represents clients in tractor-trailer wrecks, auto collisions, construction site incidents and premise liability injuries. Rob works together with his wife Kelly and between them they have tried numerous cases to verdict. The verdicts have ranged from $15,000.00 to $7,500,000.00. In November of 2015, Rob and Kelly prevailed against a crane company, general contractor, and concrete company, after implementing the Kennan concepts for $7,500,000.00. On appeal the verdict was upheld. Over the years there have been multiple settlements over seven figures and many more resolving claims for their clients in the six-figure range. Rob is a graduate of the Keenan Trial Institute and is involved in teaching Depositions, Rules and Mist.