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Graduate: Advanced Mediation (Atlanta, GA)

In the KTI Advanced Mediation Graduate Course we delve deeper into the Keenan System of Mediation and using new tools to successfully get closure for your clients. You will build on the approach to mediation taught at the KTI undergraduate level. You will learn to focus on the buttons which will make life difficult for […]

Graduate: Advanced Witness Prep (Atlanta, GA)

In this Advanced Course you will work with a mock client to take your Witness Prep skills to the next level. The small group setting will give you solid critiques and advice on how to prepare your witness in the best way. Role Play will include: The Guilt Burdened Client The Client with a Percentage of […]

Graduate: Closing Liability (Atlanta, GA)

Nearly every Trial Lawyer’s favorite part of the trial is closing argument.  At the Keenan Trial Institute’s Closing Liability course, Your Time will be spent learning how to win your case in your closing argument. Through Don Keenan’s Dirt Simple System, you will learn how to present your case in an organized, easy to understand […]

Graduate: Black Letter Law (Atlanta, GA)

This 3-day course teaches the Black Letter Law used for all Keenan Trial Methods. How to Weaponize the Black Letter Law; How to Make proper arguments for all Keenan Trial Methods, and How to Write trial briefs to provide the judge with the relevant case law, motions in limine, and responses to motions in limine for […]

Graduate: Cross Exam (Atlanta, GA)

To be a great Trial Lawyer we must first become a great cross examiner. The Keenan Trial Institute’s Cross-Examination course teaches Trial Lawyers to experience in Real Time the Root Cause of their cross-examination System Failures. Through Don Keenan’s Expectation Focus Group, faculty instruction on Don Keenan’s 7 Rules For Cross Exam, and student role […]

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