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Undergraduate: Trial (Atlanta, GA)

The Keenan Trial Institute’s course on trial is where all the pieces of the Keenan Trial System come together. You will learn how all the key points from the other KTI Courses fit together that will take away the fear of going to trial. You will learn how each phase of the case work up […]

Undergraduate: Mediation (Atlanta, GA)

In Mediation, through a case that you bring, you will learn the psychology of settlements – what works and what doesn’t. By role playing the defense lawyer and mediator, this course will teach you to forcefully show the powerful issues in your case, present the visual case, and the principal of moving money. Additionally, you […]

Undergraduate: Depositions (Atlanta, GA)

In Keenan Trial Institute’s “Depositions” small-group course, our Faculty will work one-on-one with you and your current case to maximize your depositions. We’ll coach you through creating your hit list, deciding on and carrying out your question format, and using the deposition process and results to assemble and fine tune your direct and cross outlines […]

Undergraduate: Witness Prep (Atlanta, GA)

In the Keenan Trial Institute’s small-group “Witness Prep” course, you’ll learn Keenan’s art and science of effective witness prep. You’ll learn that when it comes to testifying, there’s no such thing as a bad client. On the contrary, you’ll be coached through turning your client into your best witness. This game-changer is one of the […]

Undergraduate: Voir Dire (Atlanta, GA)

The Keenan Trial Institute’s course on voir dire will teach you the Keenan system of jury selection.  The organized template can be used immediately to put your jury selection on steroids. Imagine having a focus-group tested, Keenan-created and approved jury selection system that includes each piece of the Edge symphony. We will review the student’s […]

Undergraduate: Focus Groups (Atlanta, GA)

In #3 Focus Group discover firsthand justice by the people.  Learn how to present and Facilitate Focus Groups inexpensively and efficiently.  You will join other trial lawyers in small groups and you will conduct Focus Groups to live group participants. You will present your own case to the Group.  You will identify biases and prejudices […]

Undergraduate: Openings (Atlanta, GA)

In the Opening course, Course #2, you will work in small-group sessions with one-on-one faculty guidance that will help shape, create and sharpen, and sharpen again, your opening statement using the trial tested methods developed by Don Keenan and other KTI faculty members.  In a safe, supportive, but challenging environment of a small group, you […]

Elective: Employment (Dallas, TX)

In this Employment elective course, Keenan Trial Institute faculty will work with you individually within small groups. This college focuses on three of the most difficult but rewarding applications of the latest Keenan techniques to employment cases.  You’ll learn to develop and present the bad employer system that takes your employment case from an event […]

Elective: Admitted Liability (Atlanta, GA)

The Admitted Liability course is one of our specialized courses and is an elective course. TOPICS INCLUDE: Low Speed Collision Cases Intake & Pre-Existing Conditions The Plaintiff’s Case Using the Reptile on Witnesses Overcoming Insurance Hardball Methods And many more. As with all KTI courses, you’ll get hands-on guidance developing and optimizing Damages tactics for […]


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