2020 Med Mal Seminar – Virtual


Pre-Requisite: WTKE Seminar
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This entire seminar can be viewed online. Please allow 1-2 business days for your registration to be processed and the video link sent to you.

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The storm of politics has made most people more stubbornly and aggressively polarized, and less compromising, than at any time since the Civil War — especially in med mal cases, the main target of the government’s newly empowered tort-“reform” attacks. We already have too many adamant tort-“reformers” for peremptories to handle. And even jurors who are ok with suing doctors and hospitals turn bad literally overnight when they go on-line and see what Trump & allies say about these cases. But despite this zombie-like recurrence, we’re still in charge. It just takes new stronger tools. Come hear the Masters share them. David will also share the ground-breaking National Science Foundation research he and Artemis are part of that’s enhancing The Edge decision-making as applied to Medical Malpractice cases.

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