Undergraduate: Openings (VIRTUAL)

The updated Openings is a cutting-edge course that builds, expands and gives us brand new elements to the opening statement. This course will teach you how Papa Don has been [...]

Graduate: Closing Liability (VIRTUAL)

Nearly every Trial Lawyer’s favorite part of the trial is closing argument.  At the Keenan Trial Institute’s Closing Liability course, Your Time will be spent learning how to win your [...]

Graduate: Cross Exam (VIRTUAL)

To be a great Trial Lawyer we must first become a great cross examiner. The Keenan Trial Institute’s Cross-Examination course teaches Trial Lawyers to experience in Real Time the Root [...]


Direct Exam students will quickly remember what we all know to be true but oftentimes overlook: The lawyer must get out of the way and allow the client to tell [...]

GRAD: Black Letter Law (VIRTUAL)

This 3-day course teaches the Black Letter Law used for all Keenan Trial Methods. How to Weaponize the Black Letter Law; How to Make proper arguments for all Keenan Trial Methods, [...]


This course focuses on developing the depo HIT LIST and role playing to achieve the hits. Most importantly the course teaches how to turn the results of the HIT LIST [...]

Undergraduate: Rules & Case Selection (VIRTUAL)

Rules & Case Selection is the sole entrance to the Keenan Trial Institute.  Completing Rules give students the right to attend other KTI courses.  Imagine leaving the Rules class with [...]