Graduate: Cross Exam (VIRTUAL)

To be a great Trial Lawyer we must first become a great cross examiner. The Keenan Trial Institute’s Cross-Examination course teaches Trial Lawyers to experience in Real Time the Root [...]

Undergraduate: Focus Groups (Atlanta, GA)

Learn how to present and Facilitate Focus Groups inexpensively and efficiently.  You will join other trial lawyers in small groups and you will conduct Focus Groups to live group participants. [...]

Graduate: Advanced Focus Groups (Atlanta, GA)

The amount of material is challenging.  But there is a right way and wrong way to do Focus Groups and the results are dependent on doing them the right way. [...]

Undergraduate: Voir Dire – VIRTUAL

The Keenan Trial Institute’s course on voir dire will teach you the Keenan system of jury selection.  The organized template can be used immediately to put your jury selection on [...]

Graduate: Advanced Voir Dire – VIRTUAL

You will learn how to do the limited VD, how to determine which jurors to strike, and the use of focus groups to know your juror strike profile. Pre-requisites: Completion [...]

Undergraduate: Rules & Case Selection – VIRTUAL

Rules & Case Selection is the sole entrance to the Keenan Trial Institute.  Completing Rules give students the right to attend other KTI courses.  Imagine leaving the Rules class with [...]

Elective: Admitted Liability – (VIRTUAL)

The Admitted Liability course is one of our specialized courses and is an elective course. TOPICS INCLUDE: Low Speed Collision Cases Intake & Pre-Existing Conditions The Plaintiff’s Case Using the [...]

Undergrad: Trial – ATLANTA, GA (IN-PERSON)

The Keenan Trial Institute’s course on trial is where all the pieces of the Keenan Trial System come together. You will learn how all the key points from the other [...]

Undergrad: Damages (ATLANTA, GA)

One of the most critical Courses taught at the Keenan Trial Institute is Damages. This small-group CLE course will provide you with the tools to take your case from a set [...]

Undergraduate: Witness Prep (ATLANTA, GA)

In the Keenan Trial Institute’s small-group “Witness Prep” course, you’ll learn Keenan’s art and science of effective witness prep. You’ll learn that when it comes to testifying, there’s no such [...]

Grad: Advanced Witness Prep (ATLANTA, GA)

In this Advanced Course you will work with a mock client to take your Witness Prep skills to the next level. The small group setting will give you solid critiques [...]

Undergraduate: Mediation (ATLANTA, GA)

In Mediation, through a case that you bring, you will learn the psychology of settlements – what works and what doesn’t. By role playing the defense lawyer and mediator, this [...]

GRAD: Advanced Mediation (ATLANTA, GA)

In the KTI Advanced Mediation Graduate Course we delve deeper into the Keenan System of Mediation and using new tools to successfully get closure for your clients. You will build [...]

Undergraduate: Depositions – ATLANTA, GA (IN-PERSON)

In Keenan Trial Institute’s “Depositions” small-group course, our Faculty will work one-on-one with you and your current case to maximize your depositions. We’ll coach you through creating your hit list, [...]

GRAD: Black Letter Law (Atlanta, GA)

This 3-day course teaches the Black Letter Law used for all Keenan Trial Methods. How to Weaponize the Black Letter Law; How to Make proper arguments for all Keenan Trial Methods, [...]